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Main Advantages of Bellow Seals Globe Valve
Main Advantages of Bellow Seals Globe Valve

Bellow seals globe valve is a valve used to control the flow rate. Bellow seals globe valve adopts a bellow structure inside, and the lower end of the stainless steel bellow is welded on the valve stem to prevent the process fluid from corroding the valve stem. It eliminates the disadvantages of fast aging and easy leakage of ordinary valve stem packing seals, not only improves the energy efficiency, increases the safety of production equipment, reduces maintenance costs and frequent maintenance, but also provides a clean and safe working environment. It is suitable for pipelines of steam, flammable, explosive, heat transfer oil, high-purity, toxic and other media. Advantages: 1. Double sealing design (bellow + packing), if the bellow fails, the stem packing will also avoid leakage; 2. It is not easy to leak and meets international sealing standards; 3. There is no fluid loss, reducing energy loss and improving the safety of factory equipment; 4. Good anti-friction performance, long service life, reduced maintenance times, and reduced operating costs; 5. Strong and durable bellow seals design ensures zero leakage of the valve stem and provides maintenance-free conditions; 6. Intuitive indication of valve stem lifting position.

DERVOS Products Exhibited IN OSEA 2022
DERVOS Products Exhibited IN OSEA 2022

OSEA (Offshore Southeast Asia) is one of the largest Oil and Gas Events in Asia. OSEA returns in 2022 as an in-person event at the forefront of offshore oil, gas and emerging zero carbon energy sources. OSEA returned from 15 -17 November 2022 to pioneer a global shift in the energy industry. Our agent in Singapore participated in OSEA, and brought our VALVES to meet you! Our products in this exhibition include Bellow Seals Globe Valve, Cryogenic Sleeve Type Plug Valve and etc. Although only some of our products are displayed on the booth, audiences can learn about our rich product categories and factory through videos. Apart from the products exhibited, our products also cover Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Butterfly Valve, Check Valve, etc. We still maintain the heart of providing you with quality services and excellent products.

Talk About Flat Gate Valve Technology
Talk About Flat Gate Valve Technology

The flat gate valve is a sliding valve whose closing part is a parallel wedge. The closing part can be a single gate or a double gate with a spreading mechanism in between. Flat gate valves can be divided into flat gate valves with diversion holes and flat gate valves without diversion holes according to the gate structure. Balanced plate valves with diversion holes are used for pipelines transporting oil and natural gas. For pipelines that do not require sweepers, flat gate valves without diversion holes can be used. Features of Flat Gate Valve 1. Small flow resistance. Since the wedge slides on the two valve seat surfaces, the flat gate valve is also suitable for fluids with suspended particles. 2. It has a double block and bleed function. 3. Fireproof design. When the O-ring and PTFE are burned, under the action of fluid pressure, the wedge and the retainer, the retainer and the valve body form a metal seal, thereby isolating the fluid. In addition, the middle flange gasket and packing are made of graphite and metal materials to prevent external leakage. 4. Self-releasing function: When the pressure in the middle cavity is high, the fixer will be pressed back under the action of the fluid in the middle cavity, so as to avoid accidents caused by excessive pressure in the middle cavity.

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