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Common Valve for Natural Gas Pipeline - Balanced Oil Seal Plug Valve

The pipe plug valve is a shut-off valve used for long-distance natural gas pipeline and station control system, which is a special valve to meet the special requirements of natural gas pipeline. The valve is required to have special technical performance such as adaptability to harsh environment, service life of more than 30 years, two-way zero leakage, fire resistance and anti-static, acid medium corrosion resistance, and labor saving operation.

The pipeline plug valve has the following characteristics compared with the traditional bushing plug valve:

① It has reliable sealing, long service life and is sealed by the cone surface. The sealing contact surface is large, and the oil film plays the role of lubrication and sealing.

② The valve torque is small and the operation is labor-saving. The plug cone is installed upside down.

③ The valve cover at the bottom of the valve body is equipped with an adjusting support, which can adjust the position of the valve core. Under high temperature working conditions, the thermal expansion of the plug can avoid the sealing pair from being wedged by its lifting.

④ The design of valve stem anti fly out, O-ring and graphite packing, and triple valve stem seal filled with sealing grease meet the leakage requirements. It can work reliably for a long time without fastening and maintenance, and has fire protection function.

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