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Performance Characteristics and Application of Plug Valve

The plug valve is a quick opening and closing straight through valve. Because the movement between sealing surfaces has a wiping effect, the sealing surface can completely prevent contact with the flowing medium when it is fully opened, so it can usually be used for media with suspended particles. Plug valves are also widely used in industry.

Performance Characteristics of Plug Valve:

1. Excellent high and low temperature performance, good pressure resistance.

2. Excellent sealing performance.

3. The material has strong adaptability and wide temperature range. The applicable temperature range of the material is - 40~+200 ℃.

Application of Plug Valve:

1. Plug valves are widely used in oilfield exploitation, transportation and refining equipment, petrochemical industry, gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, HVAC industry and general industry.

2. The plug valve is also suitable for conveying liquids containing suspended solids and particles. The straight through plug valve can transport materials containing crystals with thermal insulation measures.

The application scope of the plug valve is becoming wider and wider, and the oil seal plug valve with forced lubrication has also appeared, which has better sealing performance, saves effort in opening and closing, and prevents the sealing surface from being damaged.

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