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Talk About Flat Gate Valve Technology

The flat gate valve is a sliding valve whose closing part is a parallel wedge. The closing part can be a single gate or a double gate with a spreading mechanism in between. Flat gate valves can be divided into flat gate valves with diversion holes and flat gate valves without diversion holes according to the gate structure. Balanced plate valves with diversion holes are used for pipelines transporting oil and natural gas. For pipelines that do not require sweepers, flat gate valves without diversion holes can be used.

Features of Flat Gate Valve

1. Small flow resistance. Since the wedge slides on the two valve seat surfaces, the flat gate valve is also suitable for fluids with suspended particles.

2. It has a double block and bleed function.

3. Fireproof design. When the O-ring and PTFE are burned, under the action of fluid pressure, the wedge and the retainer, the retainer and the valve body form a metal seal, thereby isolating the fluid. In addition, the middle flange gasket and packing are made of graphite and metal materials to prevent external leakage.

4. Self-releasing function: When the pressure in the middle cavity is high, the fixer will be pressed back under the action of the fluid in the middle cavity, so as to avoid accidents caused by excessive pressure in the middle cavity.

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