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Mount Wuyi Witnessed the 14th Anniversary of DERVOS

In an instant, fourteen years have passed. Unconsciously, we ushered in the 14th anniversary of Dervos. During these 14 years, through continuous practice and learning, Dervos have withstood countless tests and worked tenaciously in this rapidly developing new era.

In order to celebrate the birhday of Dervos, we gave up the monotonous indoor entertainments and embraced nature this year, went to Mount Wuyi, which is known as one of the "World Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites".

In order to have an enough leisure holiday so that everyone can have a full rest, CEO Eric arranged for us five days to enjoy nature. After breakfast at the B & B every morning, we will follow the tour guide to the scenic spots of Mount Wuyi: Dahongpao scenic spot, Tianyou peak, Yunv peak, yixiantian, bamboo raft rafting, etc.

It has to be said that mountain climbing is a challenging sport for a group of urban beauties who are always accompanied by computers! Nevertheless, everyone is enthusiastic and determined to reach the top. Maybe you will see some breathless figures in the process of climbing, but thanks to Ken, Judy, Matthew and others who have good physical strength to help us explore the way and encourage us to insist, so we can have so many group photos of the top of the mountain!

In addition to climbing, the most amazing thing is the live performance of impression Dahongpao, which is directed by Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue, with nearly 300 actors. It uses the world's first 360 degree rotating auditorium, you can see different scenes every time you rotate. It shows the history of tea, tea making technology. The antique pavilions brought us back to the past.

Although the Mount Wuyi trip is over, the valve journey of Dervos is continuous. We will continue to provide you with high quality valves and considerate services! Let's develop together!

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